Male Hygiene Products

Hygiene and health are two linked areas, but you'd be mistaken for thinking they're the same thing.

Man Junk's actions are two-fold; it promotes overall body health through the anti-septic and anti-fungal properties of Totarol™ and Malaleuca Tree Extracts. On top of this, MJ improves hygiene through the consistent use of a private cleaning agent.

That make sense? Ok, let's try it again.

The constant act of cleaning yourself is hygienic. That's hygiene and that's what Man Junk male hygiene products promote. Being disease free and in overall good shape is healthy and Man Junk promotes that too.

You might think we're nitpicking, and that's just fine, Man Junk is paying extra attention to your body, both health and hygiene.

If we didn't, Man Junk's male hygiene products would be just like the rest of those cookie-cutter "health conscious" brands. Instead, we'll keep looking for ways to make life better for the modern man.


I carry antibacterial ointment and use it after handshakes. So many people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom that you can't be too careful.

Shannon Doherty

All of our products are made from organic materials.

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proceeds from each mj sale will go towards prostate cancer research.

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